Our Founder

Dr. Sam C. Kormoi is a physician who works mainly with Saint Elizabeth Hospital, now part of the Resurrection Health Care in Chicagoland, for over thirteen years. His vision to re-establish hope and Dignity for rural Africa has been widely supported by his local church, and other Christian communities.

Right by his side is his caring wife Mrs. Mary Kormoi, a registered nurse who is the Social Secretary of the PRHeSS. She is as committed to the cause as the Founder himself and her devotion to the nursing profession affords her added sensitivity to the sufferings of our people. Mrs. Kormoi has done a wonderful job to ensure the success of this cause not only by fulfilling her duties as the organization’s Social Secretary, but also by her unwavering support for her husband, the founder.

Dr. Kormoi recently returned from his war- torn native land of Sierra Leone where he spent five weeks working with people in his home land and also neighboring villages to build public toilets and water wells. He is also supporting a community farming project entitled “OPERATION HOPE” covering an area of 150 acres of cassava and peanuts. Dr. Kormoi Also donated medical supplies to local clinics and provided local schools with school supplies. He also established a local school library.

This gentleman feels inexplicable joy in his heart, he says, when he shares his blessings with the needy. He is currently facing some challenges in covering the next shipping cost in October 2008 for all the stuff he has gathered. Purchasing water well digging equipments and machines. He is collecting items at all times.

Please call him up if you have anything to donate. You can also help by writing your checks to the “Pan- African Rural Health and Social Services

Thank you for sharing your blessing with the needy