Your donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated


Sponsor a Child

By sponsoring a child in rural Africa you will be improving that child’s life greatly. $10 a month would provide food for a child for the entire month.

Please indicate if you would prefer to sponsor a boy or a girl and the age range of the child.

You will receive a photo and a brief history of that child and letters to keep you informed of his/her progress.


Brick Drive

PRHeSS foundation brick drive: PRHeSS is constructing a community clinic in Bo town, Sierra Leone. Help the effort by buying a 6″x 8″ mud brick for 50cents. If you buy a minimum of 50 bricks, your name or family name will be engraved on the FOUNDER`S WALL, a special wall close to the outpatient department of the PRHeSS clinic in Africa.

Adopt the Johnnie Scott Vocational School Donate

a. Sewing machine(s) quarterly maintenance of $100

b. Computer system(s) quarterly maintenance $100

c. Power source, (minimum 3500 watt generator) maintenance of $150

Tools: Masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, painting and arts, quarterly maintenance $100

Adopt a School

PRHeSS Starter School – Quarterly Support of $150

PRHeSS Orphanage Program – Quarterly Support of $150

Grade School – Quarterly Support of $125

High School – Quarterly Support of $150

Adopt a Family – Monthly Support of $85

Adopt a Child – Monthly Support of $35

PRHeSS Building Fund

PRHeSS Ministry is currently building a clinic in addition to maintenance of the Hope United Methodist Church and school. Donations to the building fund addresses these needs.

Other Ideas

Become a member
Sponsor a village
Sponsor a family or school
Donate a water well
Donate a public toilet
Volunteer to career training/teaching youth