After seven years of relentless effort to revive the Fallay Wujah community, it is most important that we continue our effort towards self sustainability.
We are very proud of the Christian community and all our donors and supporters for helping to positively change lives in this rural African community.

We have done a lot, yet we have a long way to go. Hunger and malnutrition is still robbing the very young and the old of their vital roles in the future of their community. Schools continue to struggle and sanitary conditions and clean drinking water availability are still at their lowest.

PRHeSS ministry is currently focused on healthcare availability for one of the poorest communities in rural Sierra Leone.

Commonly preventable diseaseĀ  that have been mostly fatal due to lack of healthcare facilities must be addressed.
PRHeSS’ newly constructed clinic will strategically serve as a major Malaria treatment center, the disease marked as the leading cause of preventable deaths in Sub Sahara Africa.

Ebola will never take root in this community with an equipped PRHeSS community Clinic.

The 30 bed clinic with outpatient, surgical and diagnostic facilities will function maximally with 3 doctors and 13 qualified nurses. STAFF SALARY is our current challenge that is delaying the official opening of this wonderfully constructed facility.

PRHeSS can use a lot of prayers and support. Thank you for all your help.