The PRHeSS is dedicated to encouraging its compassionate volunteers and supporters to provide clean drinking water, decent toilet facilities, and empowerment through education to help restore human dignity to rural africans. We are commited to establishing hope for present and future generations through conflict resolution, sustainable peaceful settlement of local disputes and co-operative economic ventures, to achieve our ultimate goal of “HOPE AND DIGNITY FOR RURAL AFRICA


Mother Africa is Crying

Her children are suffering tremendously. Please join us to respond to Africa’s cry. Support the cause “Rural Africa for Hope and Dignity”.  Adopt a town or village in rural Africa. Be an ambassador to your town or village. Let the Pan-African Rural Health and Social Services NFP (PRHeSS) construct a very well needed public water well or toilet in your name.

May God richly bless you for sharing.



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contact prhess

Contact PRHeSS

PRHeSS is a non-profit organization (NFP) and its management is based at
12757 South Western Ave., Suite 106 Blue Island, IL 60406
or P.O. Box 1071 Homewood, IL  60430

Phone (708) 668-6020


Sam C. Kormoi,M.D. Phone-708-668-6020 Fax 708-798-7849 e-mail kormoi@africanhopeanddignity.org Kormoi@yahoo.com

To arrange to drop off bulk donations call:

(708) 596-1384 (708) 668-6020

Hope & Dignity for Rural Africa

The once sweet and peaceful rural Africa in her natural beauty that attracted the outside world is no longer the same. Rural Africa has lost her peacefulness and beauty to wars, famine and virulent disease processes among other perpetrators of modern times.

 The aborted hopes and dreams of individuals and institutions have robbed the continent of human dignity, hope and pride. Human basic survival is threatened. Life expectancy is at its lowest ever, while poverty, infant mortality and maternal death rates are at their highest.


Hope Clinic

Brothers and sisters in Christ, the picture above tells the story of how your donated dollars are put into use to serve the underprivileged.
This is a 30 bed clinic with a spacious outpatient facility to serve 8 to 10 thousand residents ( and growing) of Fallay Wujah section, Jong chiefdom in rural Sierra Leone.

It is because of supporters like you that we  are all able to save lives and help protect the good health of so many that are less fortunate than you and I.

The clinic once completed will be an outstanding facility in South West Sierra Leone for the treatment of all infectious diseases and more. Malaria parasites, the greatest killers of sub Sahara African residents must be arrested in its track to save now and future generations. You have been a great part of this effort.

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